Theme Font Packagist

I am building this site as a way for me to learn about web design and development, git, and GitHub in general. It has gone through many stages as I am learning new things and hacking Jekyll themes together. It all started when my good friend pushed me to host a project here on GitHub instead of bulky WordPress. I have him to thank for my obsession with learning all this stuff.

I plan on blogging as much as I can about my process of learning web development. Since writing is already a strength of mine, bringing it together with documenting code will work together nicely. Hopefully, this will help someone like me someday. A lot of the posts will just be notes for me to refer back to later and not formatted blog entries.

Built with beautiful-jekyll

This site is a work in progress, and the site will grow and change as I can create more functionality into it. Ideally, I’d like to move away from a theme and build a website entirely myself, with the intention of one day releasing it as a theme. I’ll be happy with being able to customize this to suit my needs until then.

And the Inter UI Font Family

A few weeks before discovering this theme, I was browsing the web dev subreddit and found the Inter UI Font Family. I immediately fell in love with the font and decided I’d give it a try with my project when I learned how to include a custom web typography.

Hosted on GitHub Pages

Since GitHub offers a free solution for hosting simple sites, I figured, why not?

Color Palette:

  • Darker Grey: #414347
  • Dark Grey: #404040
  • Grey: #56585b
  • Light Grey: #999999
  • Lighter Grey: #BFC0C1
  • Orange: #E67E22
  • Blue: #1095f6
  • I /think/ that’s it, if not let me know!