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Tags Archive in Liquid on a GitHub Pages Jekyll Site

What is a blog without tags and an archive page? When I started on this site, I wasn’t looking forward to figuring out tags logic and building the archive page to show them. I had tried using other Jekyll themes, and sometimes their tags would work and sometimes they wouldn’t.
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Building my Portfolio Project with Jekyll and UiKit

More often than not, less is more When I first started my journey on freeCodeCamp, I was really looking forward to the portfolio project. I had built a few of my own websites before using Wordpress.org, but it always left me wanting more.
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My Tribute Page Project for freeCodeCamp

In this freeCodeCamp challenge I needed to make a project that was a tribute page to someone. I had learned about Ignaz Semmelweis a while ago so he sprung to mind. It was a pleasure to code this site.
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Web Dev is Hard

I’ve been dabbling with websites for a few years now. By dabbling I mean installing WordPress with one-click installers and somehow navigating around the plug-in directory to suit mine and my few clients needs.
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Hiking Horn Canyon Trail to The Pines

There’s nothing quite like a hike up Horn Canyon in Ojai, California. You have to weave through Thatcher School to find the trailhead, but it’s not hard just stay to the right.
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