Attending a Tech Conference in Beautiful Las Vegas

Las Vegas Ticket

At the airport, I remember being anxious to get the flight over with. This was actually my first time flying, ever.

I had the opportunity to attend a tech conference

It wasn’t so bad, but I was nervous at first I will admit.

Aaron who runs, and I heading out for the night

Aaron and I

After settling in to our hotel rooms, we set out to check out the town.

It wasn’t a long walk from our hotel to the strip. We didn’t stay in a fancy place, but it wasn’t far.

Victory meal

Victory Burger

We eventually had to stop for something to eat, and this burger place smelled amazing so we went for it.

Las Vegas street artist

Las Vegas Street Artist

I ended up buying one that looks a lot like the one on the right. They are amazing to watch and not very expensive.

At the Conference

At the Collision Conference

When we finally arrived at the conference it wasn’t very packed yet as we were actually pretty early.

Collision Conference booths

Collision Conference booths

There were so many booths that it was impossible to visit every one in the two days of the conference. Especially because each day had different vendors.

Night on the town

Night on the town

After the first day of the conference, we went out on the town again. This time, we wanted to explore a bit more.

After thoughts

The second day of the conference was actually pretty boring, we ended up leaving early for an after party which was very fun. I didn’t really know anyone there but I felt in good company and entirely safe.

Even though everyone around me were pretty much strangers.

A note about this post

This wasn’t actually posted on the date listed. I am adjusting the dates to match around when the events happened.

Thank you for reading!

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