Working for a Small Beverage Company

I started working for Lori’s Original Lemonade around September of 2013.

Lori’s Original Lemonade ‘LOL’ was a really amazing place to work

From my about page:

Working in produce is when I met Lori, of Lori’s Original Lemonade

When I first saw her come in and sample the Lavender Lemonade, I was thunderstruck. Great ingredients, it tasted terrific, she was energetic and exciting to talk and listen to, but most of all it was the unseen qualities on display that attracted me to the brand. Even though the first bottles are nothing like the ones currently sold, I saw the name had an incredible potential.

It was something to behold to watch her with the customers and how they reacted, how I responded to the quality and intensity of the product. I could be more like that I told myself, so I set out to test the waters about helping her out.

I guessed that I wasn’t the only one interested so I decided to try and set myself apart in a positive way. It grew from a few conversations about social media tactics and business logistics to a potential job offer and blossomed into a weekly half-day delivery gig.

The Lori’s Original Lemonade van ‘LOL Van’

The Lori's Original Lemonade Van 'LOL Van'

This is the original van that Lori bought from a local tennis academy. She was able to get it for a great deal and it served her very well until upgrading.

I personally drove that thing up and down the central coast of California and down into Los Angeles while helping her grow her company.

Eventually the van began to be a ‘bottleneck’

No pun intended

Lori's Original Lemonade Van packed full!

Eventually the van was unable to keep up with how much lemonade the company started to sell.

We did our best with what we had for as long as we could, but Lori had to start looking for better options.

Renting trucks to deliver pallets of lemonade

Renting a truck for pallets of lemonade

We even tried renting trucks to deliver pallets. This was actually the largest truck that one could drive without the need for an additional license.

Unloading pallets of lemonade

Here I am unloading a pallet for a new store in the Thousand Oaks area.

I created and maintained beautiful displays at several key stores along the central coast of California

Beautiful Lori's Original Lemonade Display

A large entrance display at a Vons location.

Another Beautiful Lori's Original Lemonade Display

A quaint little table top display in the produce department at another Vons location.

Another Smaller Beautiful Lori's Original Lemonade Display

Small entrance display at a private market in Camarillo California.

I helped move offices

Lori's Original Lemonade Office Space

During my last days at the company, I helped move into a new office space.

Since I was also working for a home staging company at the time, I had a little input on the design.

Lori's Original Lemonade Office Space - back

I also helped layout the shelves in a way that made sense for the workflow and storage needs of the company.

A note about this post

This wasn’t actually posted on the date listed. I am adjusting the dates to match around when the events happened.

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