Working for a Staging Company

Before I met Lila and Dines, the owners of Ojai Home, I had no idea what home staging was. I didn’t know what I was missing out on.

Working for a staging company was one of the coolest experiences of my life

Working for them, I learned a lot about the intangible concepts of design. Especially how a design should make someone happy.

Huge den with fireplace in the east end of Ojai California

Huge Den with fireplace in the East End of Ojai California

This was in the East End of Ojai California. When we got there, it looked nowhere near this.

Some like a modern living room

Modern Living Room from OHI Home

A lot of times clients would want something more modern that suited the buying trends at the time.

Others, a rustic living room

Rustic Living Room from OHI Home

Other times, a bit more of a traditional design approach is needed to entice buyers in certain situations.

All glass living room

Rustic Living Room from OHI Home

This was a particularly nice living room that really stood out to me. Sometimes a space demands to be almost left alone with a very minimal touch.

It’s the little things

Rustic Living Room from OHI Home

A lot of the choices a stager makes are small, but add up to something more than the sum of all the parts. This is where the art of the design is.

Every staging company has a massive amount of pillows

Clever Pillow Storage

After a good buddy of mine started working with us, we rigged up this pillow storage solution in one of our warehouse spaces.

My little truck, loaded down

My little truck Loaded down

Here is my little Mazda B-3000 loaded down as much as she’d go. Often we’d have both trucks operating on the same job to get everything done quicker.

Lila’s truck loaded with as much as physically possible

Lila's Truck Loaded down with as much as Physically Possible

All in all I really miss working for OHI Home. The sense of family was very strong from day one, with Lila inviting me over for dinner weekly. Dines, her husband who I actually got the job through, is still one of my favorite people of all time.

Working with him at was a really fun experience and I’ll cherish the memories we made there. That my friends is a story for another day, and another time.


A note about this post

This wasn’t actually posted on the date listed. I am adjusting the dates to match around when the events happened.

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