Web Dev is Hard

I’ve been dabbling with websites for a few years now. By dabbling I mean installing WordPress with one-click installers and somehow navigating around the plug-in directory to suit mine and my few clients needs.

Teaching this old dog some new tricks.

This works for the most part, but has always left me wanting more, needing to understand more. I need to understand the underlying systems that I use on a day to day basis. With WordPress, they have created a great environment for beginners to learn the basics.

Yet, it coddles people in a way that can act more like shackles than wings.

Anyway, I’m embarking down a rabbit-hole journey of actually learning how to develop websites. Learning how they work and why. Learning when and what is appropriate to use where.

A lot of times a static website is what someone needs, but they end up with a bulky CMS that slows their website load-time and potentially loses customers

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